Are You Choosing YOU? Or Snack Foods? Or Fast Foods?

on May 04, 2021

There are 160,000 fast food restaurants in America serving 50,000,000 meals/day totaling $110,000,000 (yes Billion!) in annual revenue. There are a litany of high carb, gluten free snack foods in the marketplace. But what about wholesome, home cooked gluten free, non-GMO, preservative free options? 

          Mom's Place Gluten Free offers an expansive menu of nutritious, delicious, affordable options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts that are simple for you to make. So the question comes to mind, why would you shop anywhere else? Why not shop at Mom's Place and make sure your family has chicken slow-roasted in cream of chicken soup tonight? Why would you not have a roast oven-browned in onion soup mix? How about taking 20 minutes and place our beef stroganoff over Penne Pasta tonight? How about navajo taco's? Or taco's? Fajita's? Or cream of potato soup with bread bowls? Your options are endless with Mom's Place Gluten Free.

         Mom's Place is here to help! Do you want to cut some belly bloat? Reduce inflammation? Improve your clarity? Reduce your carbs? Are you finally going to choose you?! Stop making fast food choices. Check out these fast food facts. Let's stop the obesity trend in America and bring wholesome, home-cooked meals back to our dinner tables, with Mom's Place Gluten Free.

Fast Food Restaurant Statistics


Number of Fast Food Restaurants in America


Number of Americans Served Daily


Annual Fast Food Revenue




Once per week




Three or more


Percent of Daily Nutrition from Eating a Fast Food Meal


Percent of Daily Calories


Percent of Daily Carbs


Percent of Daily Fat


 Did you know...

         Mom's Place is your one-stop shop for everything gluten free from seasonings, soups, dinners, breads, flours, breakfasts, and more. We save you significant time and money as you can get everything you need gluten free, WITHOUT having to pay any expensive wholesalers, distributors or stores (like Walmart) extra fees. Instead you are getting the quality you've come to expect, shipped directly to your door. 

         Mom's Place products are non-GMO, have zero preservatives and superior nutritional benefits because of the quality of grains we utilize. Your consistent online and in-store orders keep Mom's Place sustainable. In fact, do you know anyone that would like to lose weight, eat healthier, feel better and save money? Do you know anyone with arthritis, constipation, diarrhea or acid reflux, topical rashes, headaches, high cholesterol, diabetes and other health concerns, that would like to feel better and without pills? Be the angel in someone's life and introduce them to Mom's Place Gluten Free so they too can enjoy the countless benefits from a gluten-free lifestyle.