Mom's Place Loyalty Program

on July 01, 2021
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One of the best out there?
You Decide.

We may be a little biased (probably a lot), but we think we have one of the better customer loyalty programs out there!  And as many of you know, while we have grown significantly over the past couple of years, we are still a very small family owned company.  Therefore, our marketing relies heavily on our customers, and our loyalty program is geared towards utilizing our best asset (you).  

We love that our customers share with us via reviews and emails the things they like and things they don’t.  We appreciate all of you who follow us on social media, who refer friends and who share posts and stories with others.  We want to make sure to say thank you for all of your help through our loyalty program.

That said, we thought we would take a few minutes and highlight what we believe to be some of the most exciting features of the program in order to ensure that you, our customers, are being properly rewarded for all your efforts.

Overview - How much are my points worth?

There is nothing more frustrating or disappointing than to hear you have earned 10,000 points, just to find out that a point is really only worth 1/10th of a penny and that you are going to need one million points in order to take that family trip you have been saving for the past year.

So, let’s get to the crux of the question, what is a point worth?  At Mom’s Place, each point earned (no matter how it’s earned) is worth 10 cents.  Earn 100 points, and you can redeem it for $10 off discount code that can be used on your next transaction - simple and straightforward.

So, how do I redeem my points for a discount code?

The first step is to visit our website ( and login into your account.  Once logged in you can access your available points in two ways. The first is via the “Rewards” popup located in the bottom left of your screen.

The second is to scroll to the bottom of the Home page and click on the link entitled “Rewards Program”.   

From either screen you are able to check your point total, and in turn, redeem those points for discount codes that can then be used to provide an “amount off” on your next transaction.

Now that I know how to redeem points, how do I earn more points?

Besides just purchases, Mom’s Place has a number of fun, easy, and engaging point earning activities that are outlined below.

Easiest Activity: 

While technically not a point earning activity, it’s still a great way to save money and is a prerequisite for everything that follows.  Create an account with us and we will immediately email you a discount code that can be used at checkout for 20% off your first purchase.

Most Common Activity:

For every dollar spent, our customers receive 1 point.  For example, an order that qualifies for free shipping (any order over $50) automatically generates 50+ points that can then be redeemed for a $5 discount code and used on your next transaction of choice.

The Best Activity:

What’s more fun than sharing something cool with a friend or family member?  Getting something back for sharing “that something cool” with a friend!  Again, technically this is not a point earning activity; however, by clicking on the “Refer a friend” option you can send your family member or friend a link that gives them access to a $10 discount code!  And once they make their first purchase, you in turn receive a $10 discount code!


What you send to your friend….                                 

What they receive….                                 

The Most Enjoyable:

We love to hear how we are doing.  We love the good stuff (because of course, it makes us feel good) and we appreciate the bad stuff as well (because even though it hurts - it’s how we get better).  

In an effort to encourage feedback, Mom’s Place sends out a “review” email within a couple of weeks of the purchase soliciting feedback on the products that you received.  Submit a review on any or all of those products and receive 10 points for every product review.  That’s $1 for saying, “you’re awesome” or “keep trying”.  Good or bad you get 10 points and we get to learn, and in our books, that is a win/win!

Being “Socially” Responsible:

Is there a better way to be more socially responsible than sharing a link to Mom’s Place? Of course there is, but that said, there might not be an easier way to earn 10 points.

Increase Your Social Following:

Following us on Instagram (we’d love a follow on Facebook too) is not only a great way to stay in the know in regards to weekly specials, giveaways, and other specials, but it’s also an easy way to pick up 50 points.

The Hardest:

Which point earning activity is the hardest you ask?  Entering your birthday!  Unfortunately, the loyalty program that we use asks for the ENTIRE date (including year - ouch)!  However, just between you and me we don’t make you submit a birth certificate, so if you want to claim that you were born in the year 2000 and have 3 kids and 7 grandkids, that’s fine by us.

The best thing is that whatever date you decide upon, you are guaranteed to receive a discount code on that date that is worth $10 off on your next order. So whether you are 80 and going on 20, put some type of date in there and get $10 off code on your birthday!