Secret Fear of Starving to Death?!?

on April 14, 2021

Do you have A Secret Fear of Starving to Death?!? (I'm kidding. kinda.) I've found those of us with Food Allergies commonly share similar fears.

Such as the Fears of:

  • Going to events or parties and "can't" eat hardly anything;
  • No more convenience. Can't just run through fast food restaurants on a whim;
  • Starving. So do you carry quick snacks in your car or purse;
  • Feeling irritated as everyone else can just eat anything, yet you are so limited.
  • Frustrated as you crave things you can no longer eat?
  • Scared to eat something labeled "gluten free" for fear of cross contamination?
  • Always feeling hungry and not having options? 

We kinda go through the Five Stages of Grief (denial, anger, etc.) and our job is to get you to acceptance! Be assured, Mom's Place Gluten Free understands! We care about your health by manufacturing in a dedicated gluten free facility. We aren't some "me-too" company who saw gluten free was popular and jumped on the trend. Instead, we extensively develop, research each & every product we offer. We are real people (mom's, dad's, sisters, etc.) who understand as we live exactly the same diets you do! Constantly developing new products on your "wish lists" of gluten free foods! Here are some solutions to help make gluten free easier in your home: 

Solution #1: 

Announcing FIVE Delicious, Nutritious & Easy Family Meals for only $54.99 (that's less than $10/meal)! Finding quick gluten free dinners that are quick & easy plus high in protein can be a challenge! We take the guess work out of cooking gluten free by making it taste amazing, simple to prepare and affordable! These options are flavorful and easy and packed with protein! Plus they are: gluten-free, egg-free, preservative free, no nitrates or MSG! Or purchase separately, if you'd rather pick and choose: 


Solution #2:

 Let us Simplify your transition! Did you just find out you have to eat gluten free? Or did you just decide it is the healthy thing to do and don't know where to start? This is for all you first time gluten free eaters!! (Or you old timers if you're just looking for a great pack). The New to Gluten Free...Where Do I Begin?! Pack includes 16 of our most popular items to get you started.

Get all 16 products for one low price! This is a GREAT STARTER KIT if you don't know where to start, or you just like to order a little bit of everything!

You can also order the kit with a 2 pound bag of Mom's Best Flour Blend with it.

Solution #3: 

Our Red Velvet Cake & Carrot Cake are changing the nation's gluten-free taste expectations. Place your order before June 1st, and receive both of these delicious delicacies for one low price of $16.98 with our Cakes Special! Order now and be amongst the happy consumers enjoying the best Red Velvet Cake and Carrot Cake you've ever tasted! 

Solution #4:

Allergen Search Option(s)! As you may know. all of Mom's Place Gluten Free products are Gluten free, Egg Free, No preservatives & No MSG. But do you have more than one allergy?

  • Lactose Free
  • Soy Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Yeast Free
  • Corn Free
  • Potato Free

We just made shopping even easier for you! Click on: Allergen-Free Search and you can now click on what you're searching and the website will give you all of your options! 

Solution #5:

 On the Educational Front: At Mom's Place we work very hard to provide gluten free options that actually taste like the real thing. We strive to set the standard for mouthwatering breads, desserts, dinners and so much more! Every month, we offer educational classes, that vary from New to GF, GF Meal Planning, and more. We are dedicated to providing the Gluten Free world with impeccable tasting, affordable foods. We help educate consumers with valuable health information, by offering monthly educational evenings at Mom's Place Gluten Free. Check our online registration frequently to see when classes are offered. Anyone is welcome to attend, but you must call to sign up, registration is $10 and a light dinner will be served. Hurry, spots fill up quickly! Call (208) 529-6667 to register or register online.

Solution #6: 

Share the message. Mom's Place Gluten Free wants to reward you for your continued support to help us grow & remain economical. Please share our website with everyone you know that needs gluten-free (or allergen-free) products. "Like" & "Share" us on Facebook or help your friends add their email to our distribution list. Create an account on our website to earn points as you do these things!