What has caused Vanilla Extract to become so expensive lately?!?

on April 07, 2021
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Since early 2017 the price of vanilla has sky rocketed. Today, vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world, only second to saffron. Here’s why… In March 2017, Hurricane Enawo slammed into Madagascar destroying their vanilla fields. The island country produces more than three-quarters of the world’s vanilla fields. Immediately, vanilla bean prices soared because of the shortage in Madagascar. Then Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in Sept 2017, it also almost completely destroyed all of the vanilla fields produced on Puerto Rico, while the contaminated water supply caused additional

As a result, the price of REAL Gluten Free Vanilla has skyrocketed. The ingredient is used in plenty of desserts, baked goods and, of course, ice cream. But supplies are low and demand is high & growing, in part because consumers are demanding natural ingredients. For those of us who NEED Real Gluten Free Vanilla, the challenge has continued to grow. Our customers have called out for help in finding affordable, gluten free, non-GMO vanilla. And we’re excited to announce we finally have it available for you!


Award-Winning Flavors from Watkins. All Vanilla’s that we offer are Made in the USA, Non-GMO, No Corn Syrup, Kosher and we’re offering them to you for the best value available!

11 oz. Gourmet Baking Vanilla                                 

All Natural Gourmet Baking Vanilla is made w the finest pure vanilla extract and blended with only natural ingredients, and it’s ALL Natural! Delivers extra rich flavor that won’t bake out or freeze out and no artificial colors & flavors!

11 oz. Clear Vanilla                                                                                   

Gourmet Vanilla Flavor without color. A baking staple ideal for any recipe—especially those you’d want pure white—cakes, frostings, ice cream & more!

2 oz. Pure Vanilla                                                        

Did you know it takes nearly a pound of vanilla beans to make just one gallon of vanilla extract. Sourced with only the finest grade vanilla beans and aged to perfection. This 100% pure vanilla sets award-winning standards for Vanilla.